Refund Policy

Our policy for refund is in place to make sure our valued customers are able to get their needed assignments and projects delivered on time.

Our policy for refund is in place to make sure our valued customers are able to get their needed assignments and projects delivered on time. Partial or complete reimbursement is ensured to hold the company responsible for our actions. This also facilitates a relationship based on trust between the company and our customers. 

We maintain a high rate of satisfaction so that customers can return to our service. However, if any order goes south, customers are asked to always refer to our refund policy and request reimbursement based on the issue they have faced. 

The terms for partial and complete refund:
  • No confirmation 

We make sure that we stay on top of every request and confirmation for received requests are sent out soon. With the confirmation the customer knows their assignment is being worked on. In certain cases, there might be technical difficulties and the confirmation might not have gone through for a few days. In such rare cases, the customer is liable to compensation and their payment is returned.

  • Cancellation- 

If the customer decides to cancel an assignment request, the amount that would be refunded would depend on the time that has passed between the request and the cancellation. If the request is cancelled soon after it has been put through, the refund amount is more but if it’s cancelled after a few days, the amount refunded would be lesser. This is to ensure the experts who have started working on the assignments are compensated for their time and efforts. The rate of refund is calculated once the cancellation is submitted. 

  • Late deliveries- 

Since we guarantee timely deliveries, late deliveries are very rare but emergencies might happen for the experts. In case of late deliveries, the customer is eligible for a refund. However, if the delay has occurred due to the miscommunication from the customer- like clarification of topics and upload of required materials and details, they will not be compensated. Experts need to be given enough time after the complete amount of material has been uploaded for them to finish the work and that is the responsibility of the customer. 

  • Issues with satisfaction- 

This is again a rare scenario but sometimes a customer might not be satisfied with the assignment that is provided by us. If any such issues occur, the customers can request correction and within a set date, the assignment would be edited. If the edited work still doesn’t meet their standards, customers can apply for a refund. The claim would be investigated thoroughly and the customer has to submit viable and legitimate reasons about the determent in quality for them to get refunds. If certain directions aren’t followed, details are missing, quality isn’t up to the standard requested, plagiarism is found, etc. the customer has to submit proof and they will be awarded a refund. 

  • Duplication- 

If the customer mistakenly places the same order twice, they can contact our company and explain the issue. If it’s found that there is a duplication in order, the second order will be cancelled and they will be awarded a refund. If payment has been repeated as well for the same order due to technical issues, the same direction is to be followed and in both cases customers are eligible to get a complete refund.

Terms for no refund
  • Grades- 

Even though our customers generally receive satisfactory grades with our 

assignments, grades cannot be guaranteed by the company or the experts. We will provide you an assignment that would be satisfactory to the customer based on the instructions provided by them. In case of lesser grades, the company is not held responsible.

  • Deadline- 

The delivery of the assignment is ensured on the date of the deadline mentioned at the time of request. Any change in deadline details is not possible and refunds in such cases are not carried out either.

We as a company try our best to ensure our customers are treated fairly and have a good experience with us and we try to carry this into our processing of refunds as well. However, please understand that your claims need to be backed by viable proof for the company to consider refunds. The requests for refund and cancellations need to be submitted within the valid time and the processing would need some time. We request you to be patient while a thorough investigation is carried out with the issue so that all customers are treated fairly.