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    Law Exam Questions?

    To score good marks, getting ideas from some questions would be a better option. Students can get the right idea from these questions and prepare accordingly.

    Law Exam Questions

    Q. What are the express terms of a contract? Which of the following is correct?

    1. An express term is a term which is actually stated orally or in writing, as distinct from an implied or assumed term
    2. An express term is one that is included into a contract by legislation
    3. Express terms can only be those that have actually been put in writing
    4. Express terms are any terms that are so obvious they do not have to be stated

    Ans. An express term is a term which is actually stated orally or in writing, as distinct from an implied or assumed term
    Law Exam Questions

    Q. What is the contra proferentum rule and how does this apply to exclusion clauses? Which of the following is correct?

    1. The contra proferentum rule applies so that an exclusion clause is always interpreted by a court against the party relying on it
    2. The contra proferentum rule basically means that an exclusion clause is contrary to the interests of consumers and therefore unenforceable as a term
    3. Contra proferentum refers to the ability of consumer law to set a contrary term to that of the parties within a contract
    4. The contra proferentum rule means that the party relying on the exclusion clause must be able to prove that the other party agreed to it, otherwise it is not enforceable

    Ans. The contra proferentum rule means that the party relying on the exclusion clause must be able to prove that the other party agreed to it, otherwise it is not enforceable
    Law Exam Questions

    Q. If a manufacturer underestimated the manufacturing overhead budget and overestimates the activity base for the year, what is the result?:

    1. Overapplied factory overhead
    2. Underapplied factory overhead
    3. Overstated finished goods inventory
    4. Understated work in process inventory

    Ans. Underapplied factory overhead

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