MLA referencing

Referencing is the most important part of any assignment given to the student. Unluckily, many students fail to understand the right ways of referencing and they end up getting very low scores. If you have been getting low marks even after you are working efficiently on the given assignment, it is time to learn more about the MLA referencing generator tool from the professionals of Assignment Panda. We very well understand the need of learning the right ways of citing sources and provide the best help to all the students. The following sections will inform you about MLA referencing.

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How can you cite articles in MLA referencing format?

An article is one of the most common kinds of papers. You can consider using MLA citations to give thanks to the sources and avoid plagiarism to get the expected scores. For articles, you have to follow below described MLA referencing format.
Author (s). Title of the article. Day month year.
Pages You need to cite the sources as per the above-mentioned format. If you are facing issues, don’t hesitate to connect with the Assignment Panda team. We will assist you with MLA citations and will ensure you to get submit a great assignment so you can score good marks. Also, you can use the MLA citation generator tool of Assignment Panda to cite many sources of your academic papers within several minutes, In the next part, you will learn how you can use MLA referencing style in non-prints materials.

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How can you cite non-print materials in an MLA referencing pattern?

MLA referencing tool is a well-known way of referencing and you have to know about the right ways to acknowledge the sources by using the same. MLA referencing is used by students across various levels

1- Painting or sculpture in the book-
Artist’s Last name, Artist’s first name, the title of the piece, name of owner/institution, title of the book, by first name last name, city of the publisher, publisher, year, page, print
2- Chart or Map-
Chart- city of the publisher, publisher, year, print Map- city of the publisher, publisher, year, print
3- Lecture, speech, address, or reading-
Last name, first name, lecture title, speech, etc. Title of meeting, sponsoring organization, location, city, date, descriptive label.
4- Interview published on radio or TV-
Last name, first name of the interviewed person, interviewer’s first name last name. Title of the interview, title of source date, pages, medium
5- Personal interview-
Last name first name of the interviewed person, personal interview, date Last name first name of the interviewed person, instant messenger interview, date Last name first name of the interviewed person, email interview, date Last name first name of the interviewed person, telephone interview, date

How to cite a website in MLA format?

Websites are the most visited places by students at present, by the students to write their assignments. You need to know the right way to acknowledge the source. The information collected from the sites can be crucial for your work. Our experts also look into numerous websites to get relevant information. So, if you ask us how you can cite the source through our MLA referencing tool, we will guide you and help you to get desired scores. You need to follow all we have stated below. Last name, first name of the author 1, last name first name of the author 2, the title of the webpage, the title of the website, publisher, date published, day month year format, URL This will help you to cite the website faster and sail through the work. Assignment Panda helps you to overcome difficult tasks and will help you to get desired marks. It is vital to understand the importance of projects and look for the best help to get through them.